Our classes are divided into two main focuses including general fitness and self defence techniques. Each class offers a variety of internal and external force practices able to be tailored for both beginners and intermediary students.  

Internal Force Fitness (60 minutes)

Internal force practice is a moderate intensity class focusing on smooth transitions between traditional postures. The class includes movements from traditional Chinese internal force and Tai Chi exercises such as Bad Dun Gem, Gu Yun Gung, Yig Gen Ging and Min Lei Zem. These practices are ideal for both beginners and intermediate students as they help to gently condition the musculoskeletal system, strengthening it against injury and poor posture. Great class for those looking to improve their breath awareness, mental concentration, physical strength and co-ordination, balance, flexibility and stress relief. 


External Force Self Defence (60 minutes)

More rigorous in its movements, our external force class focuses on practical and effective self defence techniques. This class will begin with basic punching and kicking techniques, with students gradually progressing to learn more complex weaponry techniques (such as swords, broads swords, spears and staff). The art of external force is suitable for intermediary students as well as driven individuals seeking to gain fitness, fortitude, self-discipline, self-confidence, and most of all, effective self defence.


Junior Self Defence (30 minutes)

An ideal class for 7-17 year old students. Basic skills of punching, kicking, stance, and foot work will be taught, gradually progressing to more complicated forms in an application of practical and effective self defence techniques. Introductory in its structure, this practice will ensure a strong foundation for future practices while having fun.