Our Philosophy

White Crane Kung Fu School of Australia is dedicated to the preservation and transmission of traditional martial arts practices within contemporary society.

To achieve this aim, we offer a range of classes which draw upon the two main tenets of White Crane Kung Fu practices while being accessible to people of all ages, genders, abilities, and heritages.

Our classes are divided into specific practices including internal force, external force and weaponry training; all structured around the common goal of improving our students’ physical health, mental wellbeing, and personal character.

It is our hope that through teaching these practices, our students are empowered to embody and apply the traditional wisdom and discipline required by White Crane martial artists to their daily lives, no matter what challenges they might face.


Our Story

Founded in 2015, White Crane Kung Fu School of Australia is in many ways an organisation in tribute to the extensive lineage of White Crane martial artists.

Our organisation was created and is led by Sifu Christopher Leong, a martial artist whose practice spans over 40 years. Born in Hong Kong and residing in Australia, Sifu Christopher’s first introduction to White Crane kung fu came when he witnessed Grandmaster George Kong practicing external force practices and requested to be taught the movements.

Regularly practicing and demonstrating martial arts with Melbourne's Chinese community ever since, Sifu Christopher is the most senior student of Grandmaster George Kong.

As a result of his continual determination and dedication over multiple decades, Sifu Christopher now teaches White Crane kung fu as a method of passing on its practical and philosophical benefits to his students.